To live in the present moment and resist the impulse to project into the future or ruminate over the past, I believe, is the secret to a happy life. But I also understand that peace in our lives is not possible unless we heal our pasts.

As a body worker for more than 3 decades I have seen first-hand how the past, and our beliefs about ourselves, can manifest physically. As women we are constantly receiving messages from our bodies of how we need to heal, but we need to understand the messages that are being communicated.

As young girls most of us are taught that being good is more important than challenging authority. The problem with being good is that it never nurtures our inner spirit. It actually cuts us off from knowing; it cuts us off from our ability to act. We learn to dim our light so we don’t come off too overpowering, so that people will give us the acceptance we never received as children. I have seen that if a woman is part of a culture or family that doesn’t support her in learning to connect to her authentic subtler energy, her life force, then her ability to connect with her instincts and spirit are diminished.

Learning to honor these instincts, and the messages they bring, can very well save our lives. The more ridged the body the more isolated and cut off we are. We have forgotten who we are, we feel separate and in that forgetting a great emptiness arises. In a desperate attempt to reconnect and feel worthy we attach ourselves to our egos. Vacillating between feeling worthy and worthless. This unbalanced energy in the body is ground down and is crystalized as illness.

The question becomes then, how do we reconnect with our authentic selves to promote health and well-being? Aligning the internal and external sides of our being so that we may resonate with our true light is the way.

Meditation does this. Experiencing our true selves in meditation and placing our healing intentions into the unbounded awareness helps us to become whole again. We are giving ourselves permission to heal! We quite literally become the light we are seeking, and attract to us the people and things that will support us on our journey.

I believe feeling unworthy is at the root of most illnesses. I have seen it time and again of how the energy patterns of the body communicate this suffering to us, from subtler skin irritations to deeper dis-eases. Our bodies are crying out, “You are worthy of Love and belonging!”

One of my favorite quotes In The Alchemist by Paulo Coelho is, “If you believe yourself worthy of the thing you fought so hard to get, then you become an instrument of God, you help the Soul of the World, and you understand why you are here.” We are all worthy of this profound Love! When we give up our ego identity and reclaim our instinctual nature as women we know ourselves as we truly are.

We are complete.

With Love,