At Breathe Spa & Soak we believe each woman has a unique constitution and brings with her the root cause of any mind, body or spiritual issue. To understand this we must first understand that there is a life force energy that travels through all of us. This energy travels in a very specific pattern, through subtler spheres to physical form, and in this process our uniqueness is formed. As therapists we gather clues from the health of the skin. The color, texture, elasticity and any “irregularities” tells a story of the overall health of the person. Our skin becomes then a projector of our internal world. As John Donne wrote, “A Province packed up in two yards of skin.”

We begin to see that any imbalance on the skin takes shape from a deeper process that originates within. Therefore our thoughts, emotional life, nutritional and physical practices shapes our body. Blockages and imbalances in the energy flow are ground down and are then projected out onto the skin in a very specific pattern. Like reflexology, where points on the feet and hands are correlated with the rest of the body, the facial skin and the skin of the body shows a direct link to the internal organs. To take this a step further, in understanding the energy patterns of the body, one must understand that each organ holds a psychological and emotional energy. In some instances, addressing our belief systems and releasing the emotional issue associated with those beliefs will bring the skin back to its balanced state.

That is why skin issues cannot always be answered with a jar of cream, no matter how amazing it is. The root cause should be addressed first. Having a practice of meditation, yoga, nutritional awareness and the physiological and emotional effects of therapeutic touch would all contribute to healthy skin.

The important point here is that the potential for health and wholeness is always present, our skin is communicating with us. We need only to listen.  

With Love,