Spring is here and the time to reconnect to the earth is now. After a long, cold winter our bodies crave and depend on the Earth Element for grounding. Because we are made up of mostly water and minerals, our bodies become conductors of electricity! When our bare feet come in contact with the earth for more than 30 minutes we are able to absorb electrons that float along the earth’s surface. Electrons in the body act as antioxidants, aiding in anti-inflammation, chronic pain relief, sleep patterns restored and reducing stress.

This is why a walk along the sea shore, or running through a grassy field in our bare feet leaves us feeling restored and renewed.

Also, connecting the souls of our feet to the earth elements creates a steady mind that is patient and persistent.

In terms of energy patterns of the body the Earth element is found in the base of the spine, rectum, bones and immune system (First Chakra). In other words our foundation.

In terms of the emotional poles of energy, when the life force is stagnate it becomes fear and when the Shakti is flowing through the Earth element it is realized as courage.

The Earth element, when balanced within our bodies creates a true grounding affect to the here and now.  We become present of mind and spirit.

The best way to stay connected to the Earth’s primal elements, when the weather is not conducive, is a foot soak with heated river rocks, Himalayan salts and marine algae mud mixtures. This highly mineralized treatment restores the body’s natural frequency pattern and is practiced by many cultures as a way to raise ones consciousness during meditation.

I believe nature will never mislead us. We are all a part of the larger understanding of Earth. Reconnecting to Her is ultimately a connection to our primal instinctual self.

With Love,


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